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1-99 Construction Guide

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Prices of supplies:

  • 342 plank
  • 3200 oak
  • 6232 teak
  • 12554 mahogany
  • 140600 gold leaf
  • 87444 marble block
  • 956900 magic stone
  • 1335 bolt cloth


  • Garden/1/1000
  • Parlour/1/1000
  • Kitchen/5/5000
  • Dining Room/10/5000
  • Workshop/15/10000
  • Bedroom/20/10000
  • Games Room/30/25000
  • Combat Room/32/25000
  • Study/40/50000
  • Costume Room/42/50000
  • Chapel/45/50000
  • Portal Chamber/50/100000
  • Formal Garden/55/75000
  • Throne Room/60/150000

1-99 Method
Level 1-14 [Parlour]
Level 1 Chair (2 Planks)

Level 14-32 [Parlour]
Level 14 Rocking Chairs (3 Planks, 3 Steel Nails)

Level 32-44 [Kitchen]
Level 32 Oak Kitchen Tables (3 Oak Planks)

Level 44-62 [Costume Room]
Level 44 Oak Fancy Dress Box (2 Oak Planks}

Level 62-80 [Costume Room]
Level 62 Teak Fancy Dress Box (2 Teak Planks)

Level 80-99 [Costume Room]
Level 80 Mahogany Fancy Dress Box (2 Mahogany Planks)

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Simple, Detailed, and efficient. A perfect example of a skilling guide.

Also, very neat and clean.

Would love to see more of your dope guides! 

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I can't figure out how to "react" to this post with the emoji -.- but regardless, well done mate, a perfect example of a guide. As Mulli put it, simple, detailed, and efficient 😄 

Looking forward to seeing more from you! 🙂

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