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  1. Mulli

    Revivalscape's Official Price Guide

    Seems Legit! The Price Guide will be updated as we progress into the server, and the community and economy changes/shifts!
  2. Mulli

    Sang staff buff

    it's also got a +10 higher maxhit stat when doing ::maxhit
  3. Mulli

    Sang staff buff

    just had a look at this, you've got a point, however, if you've tried both without any gear or anything, you'd realise that sanguinesti hits MUCH MORE accurately, and is almost x3 times the magic strength of chaotic staff.
  4. Mulli

    Boss spawn times

    Nices suggestion, i'll look into it
  5. Mulli


    Will investigate, thanks for suggestions!
  6. Mulli

    Super Prayer Potions

    Super prayer potions are now fixed.
  7. Mulli


    You might as well do a clue scroll guide, by taking a clue scroll guide from somewhere else, and copying and pasting it, and another guide... Up to you!
  8. Mulli

    1-99 Construction Guide

    Simple, Detailed, and efficient. A perfect example of a skilling guide. Also, very neat and clean. Would love to see more of your dope guides!
  9. Mulli

    Super Prayer Potions

    We plan not to add noted pots, as we don't want players stacking them up, and rather buying an amount they need, if that makes sense And i'll have a look into prayer pots
  10. Mulli

    My Introduction

    Welcome buddy! Great having you and all the other new players in the Server and Community! Enjoy your stay!
  11. Mulli

    Donator Benefits

  12. Mulli


    Click here for RSWiki on BGS BGS infact does use 100% Special Attack 😄
  13. Mulli

    Early’s Intro

    Welcome! xd