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  1. Exilated

    Revivalscape's Official Price Guide

    HELLO EVERYONE, THIS IS THE OFFICIAL REVIVALSCAPE PRICE-GUIDE. AT THE END OF THE DAY, IT'S UPTO THE SELLER'S DISCRETION TO ACCEPT WHICHEVER PRICE HE/SHE WANTS TO CHARGE FOR AN ITEM, AND IT'S UPTO THE BUYER'S DISCRETION TO PAY WHICHEVER PRICE HE/SHE WANTS TO PAY FOR AN ITEM. DO NOT BE UPSET IF A PLAYER DOESN'T BUY YOUR ITEM FOR YOUR EXPECTED PRICE, AND DO NOT BE UPSET IF A PLAYER DOESN'T SELL YOU AN ITEM FOR YOUR POTENTIAL OFFER. Donator Scrolls $10 scroll 300-450m $25 scroll 750-1b $50 scroll 1.5-2b Weapons Scythe of Vitur 1.5-2b Twisted bow 1.5-2b Sang staff 1.5-2b Ornate Katana 1.75-2.25b Magma Blowpipe 1.5-2b Elder Maul 750m Dragon Hunter Crossbow 750m kodai wand 750m Dragon Claws 200m Dragon Warhammer 550m Korasi 400-500m Armadyl Godsword 250m Armadyl Crossbow 600m-650m Toxic blowpipe(reg) 900m-1b Staff of the dead 550m Abyssal whip 20-30m ea Chaotic weapons 150-250m Primal Weapons 500m Saradomin Godsword 75m Bandos Godsword 75-125m Zamorak Godsword 75-125m Accessories Blood Necklace 200m Ring Of The Gods 200m Berserker ring (i) 100m Seers ring (i) 100m Warriors ring (i) 100m Archers ring (i) 100m Fury 15-25m Fury (or) 75m Occult necklace 250m Anguish Necklace 250m Torture Necklace 250m Ring of Wealth 175-200m Arcane pulse 250m Arcane Stream 300-350m Twisted Bird Skull Necklace 175m Split Dragon Tooth Necklace 225m Demon Horn Necklace 300-350m Boots Primordial Boots 250mm Pegasian Boots 250m Eternal Boots 250m Steadfast Boots 125-150m Glavien Boots 125-150m Ragefire Boots 125-150m Offhand (Shields, Defenders, Etc) Malediction Ward 500m Odium Ward 500m Divine Spirit Shield 650m Elysian Spirit Shield 500m Arcane Spirit Shield 325-350m Spectral Spirit Shield 225m Flameburst Defender 100m Avernic Defender 200-250m Armour Torva Pieces 300m ea Pernix Pieces 300m ea Virtus Pieces 300m ea Battlemage Pieces 400m ea Trickster Pieces 400m ea Zuriel Pieces 150-175M ea Statius Pieces 150-175M ea Vesta Pieces 150-175m ea Armadyl Pieces 100-125m ea Bandos Pieces 100-125m ea Barrows Sets 100m ea Rares/Etc Att/Coll/Heal/Def lvl 5 3-5b Party Hat W Specs 1.25b Custom party hats 900-1b Regular party hats (minus purple) 550-600m Purple p hat 450-500m Custom santa hats 900-1b Regular santa hat 500-600m Sled 1.25b Basket of eggs 1.25b Grain 500-600m Web cloak 200m Skeleton pieces 200m ea Ancestral/justiciar pieces 450-500m ea Third-age sets 1.5b a set Mystery box 5-10m Overload 7.5m ea Charming imp/bonecrusher 75m Legendary mystery box 150-200m H'ween masks 400-500m Dragon pickaxe 125m Inferno adze 200m
  2. Exilated

    1-99 Construction Guide

    I can't figure out how to "react" to this post with the emoji -.- but regardless, well done mate, a perfect example of a guide. As Mulli put it, simple, detailed, and efficient 😄 Looking forward to seeing more from you! 🙂
  3. Exilated


    I second the clue scroll guide idea, it'd be more beneficial to have it on our own forums (which is safe for other players to access) opposed to having our players venture the wide web looking for the answers 😧
  4. Exilated

    My Introduction

    Welcome to Revivalscape mate, glad to have you apart of the community! On a side note, tutorials/guides would certainly be much appreciated, as we're currently a new server without that sort of guidance yet! 😄
  5. Exilated

    Early’s Intro

    Welcome to the server mate! Sound like an unreal guy from what I've read so far, glad to have you here, and hope you enjoy your stay! Don't hesitate to ask questions, and or give suggestions!