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    Sang staff is currently 50$ and weaker than Cstaff. I think if maybe it had a slightly higher max hit than cstaff, and more accuracy, + some kind of healing effect like OSRS, it'd be much more worth it. I wouldn't pay 50$ for a staff a bit stronger than cstaff, unless i could basically afk some bosses with it, because it heals me. Maybe make it heal a percentage of Health and prayer points based on damage done? Nothing too insane, because we do have soulsplit and blood barrage, However at most bosses even with all that you'd probably need some kind of prayer anyways. The trade off could be that its not as much DPS as the katana/scythe/tbow but it does have the healing effect. Maybe make it an infinite source of blood runes or something, or maybe even where you could store runes in the staff to save inventory space somewhat like a rune pouch, but even better because you'd save that space as well. Another idea could give it trident speed, and give its own spell similar to osrs. Just a few ideas so the staff isn't so far behind the other weapons on the store.
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    HELLO EVERYONE, THIS IS THE OFFICIAL REVIVALSCAPE PRICE-GUIDE. AT THE END OF THE DAY, IT'S UPTO THE SELLER'S DISCRETION TO ACCEPT WHICHEVER PRICE HE/SHE WANTS TO CHARGE FOR AN ITEM, AND IT'S UPTO THE BUYER'S DISCRETION TO PAY WHICHEVER PRICE HE/SHE WANTS TO PAY FOR AN ITEM. DO NOT BE UPSET IF A PLAYER DOESN'T BUY YOUR ITEM FOR YOUR EXPECTED PRICE, AND DO NOT BE UPSET IF A PLAYER DOESN'T SELL YOU AN ITEM FOR YOUR POTENTIAL OFFER. Donator Scrolls $10 scroll 300-450m $25 scroll 750-1b $50 scroll 1.5-2b Weapons Scythe of Vitur 1.5-2b Twisted bow 1.5-2b Sang staff 1.5-2b Ornate Katana 1.75-2.25b Magma Blowpipe 1.5-2b Elder Maul 750m Dragon Hunter Crossbow 750m kodai wand 750m Dragon Claws 200m Dragon Warhammer 550m Korasi 400-500m Armadyl Godsword 250m Armadyl Crossbow 600m-650m Toxic blowpipe(reg) 900m-1b Staff of the dead 550m Abyssal whip 20-30m ea Chaotic weapons 150-250m Primal Weapons 500m Saradomin Godsword 75m Bandos Godsword 75-125m Zamorak Godsword 75-125m Accessories Blood Necklace 200m Ring Of The Gods 200m Berserker ring (i) 100m Seers ring (i) 100m Warriors ring (i) 100m Archers ring (i) 100m Fury 15-25m Fury (or) 75m Occult necklace 250m Anguish Necklace 250m Torture Necklace 250m Ring of Wealth 175-200m Arcane pulse 250m Arcane Stream 300-350m Twisted Bird Skull Necklace 175m Split Dragon Tooth Necklace 225m Demon Horn Necklace 300-350m Boots Primordial Boots 250mm Pegasian Boots 250m Eternal Boots 250m Steadfast Boots 125-150m Glavien Boots 125-150m Ragefire Boots 125-150m Offhand (Shields, Defenders, Etc) Malediction Ward 500m Odium Ward 500m Divine Spirit Shield 650m Elysian Spirit Shield 500m Arcane Spirit Shield 325-350m Spectral Spirit Shield 225m Flameburst Defender 100m Avernic Defender 200-250m Armour Torva Pieces 300m ea Pernix Pieces 300m ea Virtus Pieces 300m ea Battlemage Pieces 400m ea Trickster Pieces 400m ea Zuriel Pieces 150-175M ea Statius Pieces 150-175M ea Vesta Pieces 150-175m ea Armadyl Pieces 100-125m ea Bandos Pieces 100-125m ea Barrows Sets 100m ea Rares/Etc Att/Coll/Heal/Def lvl 5 3-5b Party Hat W Specs 1.25b Custom party hats 900-1b Regular party hats (minus purple) 550-600m Purple p hat 450-500m Custom santa hats 900-1b Regular santa hat 500-600m Sled 1.25b Basket of eggs 1.25b Grain 500-600m Web cloak 200m Skeleton pieces 200m ea Ancestral/justiciar pieces 450-500m ea Third-age sets 1.5b a set Mystery box 5-10m Overload 7.5m ea Charming imp/bonecrusher 75m Legendary mystery box 150-200m H'ween masks 400-500m Dragon pickaxe 125m Inferno adze 200m
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    Prices of supplies: 342 plank 3200 oak 6232 teak 12554 mahogany 140600 gold leaf 87444 marble block 956900 magic stone 1335 bolt cloth Room/Level/Cost Garden/1/1000 Parlour/1/1000 Kitchen/5/5000 Dining Room/10/5000 Workshop/15/10000 Bedroom/20/10000 Games Room/30/25000 Combat Room/32/25000 Study/40/50000 Costume Room/42/50000 Chapel/45/50000 Portal Chamber/50/100000 Formal Garden/55/75000 Throne Room/60/150000 1-99 Method Level 1-14 [Parlour] Level 1 Chair (2 Planks) Level 14-32 [Parlour] Level 14 Rocking Chairs (3 Planks, 3 Steel Nails) Level 32-44 [Kitchen] Level 32 Oak Kitchen Tables (3 Oak Planks) Level 44-62 [Costume Room] Level 44 Oak Fancy Dress Box (2 Oak Planks} Level 62-80 [Costume Room] Level 62 Teak Fancy Dress Box (2 Teak Planks) Level 80-99 [Costume Room] Level 80 Mahogany Fancy Dress Box (2 Mahogany Planks)
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    You might as well do a clue scroll guide, by taking a clue scroll guide from somewhere else, and copying and pasting it, and another guide... Up to you!
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    Tbh, a cluescroll guide wouldn't be a half bad so we can direct people to forums instead of saying "google it" basically.
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    We plan not to add noted pots, as we don't want players stacking them up, and rather buying an amount they need, if that makes sense And i'll have a look into prayer pots
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    Click here for RSWiki on BGS BGS infact does use 100% Special Attack 😄
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    Hey good afternoon ladies and gents, I’m Early! My names actually AJ so I’ll let you decide on what you want to call me by! A little background on me; I’m 23 and an active duty Marine, currently serving as a recruiter. Been on two deployments in my career so far as my primary job of Amphibious Assault Vehicle Crewman. On those two deployments I got to see and do a ton of things so feel free to ask me any questions about them. I started playing Runescape roughly 2004 time frame as a kid and have been hooked ever since. Been apart of the private server community’s since the original “RS3” hitting dummies to train for hours on end. I just decided to leave a project I started funding back in February 2018 due to the fact that my buddies there are well off now and I felt my time had come to an end. I stumbled across this gem randomly and now I’m hooked. It takes me back to the days I love. But anyways, I’m married with my first baby girl on the way due this June. I could honestly go on for days about my life experiences and knowledge but I’ll let you guys ask what you want as we build this servers community together! Thanks so much for your time, Early
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    Welcome to the server mate! Sound like an unreal guy from what I've read so far, glad to have you here, and hope you enjoy your stay! Don't hesitate to ask questions, and or give suggestions!